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Enjoy WW’s range of delicious snacks and tools created to inspire healthy habits and support your wellness journey.  

The WW Shop is stocked with delicious products so you can eat what you love and still lose weight, including low-PersonalPoints mini bars, pasta, popcorn, chips, and crisps along with kitchen tools and cookbooks that help elevate everyday meals into exciting cuisine that gets and keeps real food on the table. 

WW Snacks come in portion-controlled packaging and are made without any artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours and preservatives. WW healthy snacks are a great way to hold you over between meals and keep you snack-happy.

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Our wide variety of kitchen tools, appliances and cookbooks makes cooking and meal planning a cinch. From food processors, to scales, to tools for portion control we’ve got everything you need to succeed on your wellness journey.

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Along with nutrition, building healthy habits like staying active, keeping hydrated, and getting quality sleep are key to achieving your health and wellness goals. With WW’s selection of curated lifestyle products, building healthy habits has never been easier.

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The holiday season brings deliciousness and cheer—along with the very real struggle to stay on track. Let WW help you this holiday season with WW snacks and tools so that you can enjoy every delicious moment. Exclusively for Zoomer members: 15% off sitewide + free cookbook on orders over $75. Use code BLACKFRIDAY

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To customize your wellness journey, each WW membership is designed to fit your lifestyle and goals. Whether you want a self-guided journey, expert-led coaching, or an in-person community to lean on, you can find your membership match by taking our personal assessment.

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