Create More Space in Your Home For Mobility and Freedom!


One of the most common questions Paul Napolitano of Royal Home Improvements receives from CARP members is, “How can we make our home easier to move around in?”

More homeowners than ever before are looking for ways to stay in their homes as they age, for a variety of reasons. If you have raised a family, your home is full of memories that you don’t want to abandon. And current concerns about long-term care facilities make staying in your own home longer a very attractive option.

For over 50 years Royal Home Improvements has been helping homeowners renovate the rooms in their house, to make it a place that’s easy to live in forever. Paul Napolitano offers these tips on renovations that can help you create more space in the home you love:


It’s possible to make your bathtub or shower more accessible without sacrificing style. There are companies that offer bathtub retrofits that make tubs easier to climb into, but they are often not stylish and they can look old-fashioned. Instead, Paul recommends updating your shower to include a bench. You can also make your shower’s base flush with the tile floor, meaning there is no walk-up to get into the shower. And, there are ways to incorporate an easily-accessible modern tub into a bathroom redesign. Just because you need an accessible bathroom you shouldn’t be forced to settle for mediocrity!


Have your children moved out years ago? Do you have bedrooms that are serving no real purpose? You can repurpose those bedrooms into a free-flow area that allows you to create a space that is easy to move around in. Royal Home Improvements has been “knocking down walls” for many homeowners. Two rooms can easily become one by creating a large main bedroom that is easy to get around in. Another option is to turn a former bedroom into a spacious ensuite. An old bedroom doesn’t need to be an unused room. Why shouldn’t it be a spa-like bathroom?


It used to be that people only dreamed of having a walk-in closet. It can be easier than you think to turn a bedroom into a combination walk-in closet/bathroom. Creating a large walk-in closet using an old room that already exists is a simple way to make your life so much easier. The walk-in can also serve as a walk-through to the bathroom. It allows you to have almost everything you need in the morning or in the evening on one floor of your home.


A lot of old-fashioned kitchens are small closed-in rooms that are separate from the dining room. Traditional designs dictated that eating areas were “hidden” from the kitchen area. You can open up your kitchen by removing a wall or re-imaging the lay-out to allow for easier flow through to the living area. This allows for a more accessible and easy to navigate living area. You might also wish to consider adding a bathroom to the main floor. This creates an open space that is completely usable during the day without needing to climb stairs if you don’t want to.

These ideas for creating space in your home are just a start. Paul Napolitano and his team at Royal Home Improvements have been giving homeowners more space for over 50 years. They are always on top of current trends, and timeless ideas that allow you to stay in your home and enjoy it for as long as you wish.

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