Happy New Year! Is it time to start exercising…again?

Want to enjoy the benefits of becoming physically active in the comfort of your own home? How about increased energy, less stress, and improved mobility?

Well, look no further…

Meet Britt; a fitness professional, mother of two and someone who is passionate about helping others improve their overall fitness and health.  Over her 17-year fitness career, Britt has worked with many clients with varying degrees of fitness levels, abilities and ages. With care and enthusiasm, she continuously achieves her personal goal of motivating, educating and inspiring others.  As a result of increasing demand for fitness classes at home, in early 2021, Britt decided to pivot to teaching online.  Subsequently, In Form Studio was born; a virtual space for vital exercise designed to help mature adults make the most of daily life. The fruition of her vision for In Form Studio kept unfolding as she met prospects from coast to coast, built lasting relationships while making exercise fun and engaging. 

At In Form Studio, we believe that “if you’re moving, you’re winning.”  Our weekly workout routine includes three specialized classes to help build strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, mobility and flexibility.   There is the opportunity for feedback in all classes to ensure safe and correct execution of movements. Classes are streamed live so there is a sense of community and all levels of fitness of participants are taken into account.

Still not sure if this is the right move for you?  

Try a complimentary week using the code GIFT2022 (includes up to 3 fitness classes!)  Simply visit  in-form-studio.com to redeem your gift today!  

Here are some comments from participants:

“The classes are safe, sensitive and have super swell leadership, called Britt.” Jenni M., age 58 (Ontario)

“I feel very fortunate to have found you on Zoomer. You are making a tremendous positive difference to my world and to many others. I look forward to continuing classes with you.” Carla, 70 (Yukon)

“As a beginner, I was pleasantly surprised how easy the classes were to follow, and integrate into my day. I’ve had persistent hip pain for a year now and finally feeling an improvement. Thanks Britt!” Tania, age 64 (Ontario)

“After joining your classes in January, I realized how important it is to keep up the stretching, strengthening and cardio.  The atmosphere is great with some interactions before class. It doesn’t really feel virtual. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  I’m so happy I joined!” Christa, age 70 (Ontario)

“I am so glad I signed up for your classes!  I love how I feel! I also like that you send us videos so we can do extras if we wish! Really looking forward to the new season! Thanks! A stronger Maggie.”  Maggie, age 68 (Ontario)

“You manage to achieve a connection with class members at the same time you are demonstrating a particular movement.  It is a wonderful thing!  Your personality lends itself so well to this activity. I always look forward to our classes because I feel so energized afterwards.  Thank you very much.” Rosemae, age 79 (Ontario)

Let In Form Studio be one of the highlights of your day! 

You will be glad you made the choice.  



Website:  in-form-studio.com 

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 647-293-2738


For further instructions on a complimentary week contact Britt (email: [email protected]; phone: 647-293-2738)