Exercise Power Over Your Bladder Leaks and Start a Fitness Routine

No excuses! Don’t let bladder leaks stop you from jump-starting a fitness routine. You can work around them, even improve them along the way, with these simple tips.

Bladder leakage is common when exercising.

Certain physical activities can trigger leaks, including heavy lifting, running, dancing and power sports that involve jumping or explosive movements, like volleyball, basketball, hockey and tennis. It happens because the pelvic floor muscles around your urethra (the valve that closes the bladder) are too weak and can’t handle the extra pressure, so urine escapes. If the pelvic floor muscles are already weak, extra pounds can increase the pressure on the bladder and make the leakage worse. All the more reason to start your fitness journey today!

8 tips for building a fitness routine while managing bladder leaks

1. The key to any routine is making it a habit, a regular part of your life. Structure fitness into your day by adding it to your calendar or putting it on your to-do list, and get ‘er done!

2. Set and track your fitness goals. Break them down into small and broad ones. They could include weight loss; better strength, distance, endurance or flexibility; improved health markers (e.g. blood pressure, resting heart rate, blood sugar, cholesterol) or just the sheer satisfaction of committing to and accomplishing regular exercise. Celebrate all of your victories (big and small!) to keep motivated.

3. Stay hydrated by taking small sips of water at a time, spacing them at regular intervals during your workout to minimize the risk of a strong urge to go or a leak occurring.

4. If you prefer to exercise in the morning, put that cup of java on hold. Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it can cause you to produce more urine. It also causes the bladder to contract, contributing to leaks.

5. Eat a well-balanced diet rich in dietary fibre and fresh fruit and veggies. Regular exercise combined with good eating habits help to keep you energized and your bowels regular. (Constipation can make you urinate more often).

6. Make daily pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) part of your routine. Strong pelvic muscles better support the bladder and help you hold urine in. Like all muscles, you’ve got to keep at it to keep them strong.

7. Consider the impact level of your exercises. Low- or medium-impact workouts (e.g. Nordic walking, using an elliptical or rowing machine, cycling or yoga) are kinder on the joints and less likely to trigger leaks.

8. Be ready for leaks and you won’t have to worry! To be active comfortably and confidently, you need trusted bladder leakage products with maximum absorbency to keep wetness away from your skin, along with a fit that moves with your body.

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