At Risk of Losing an Important Friendship? How Better Sleep Can Help Rescue Your Relationships

Have you been finding yourself easily irritated by a close family member or a friend lately?  Sleep research shows there is a correlation between being sleep deprived and feeling listless and ill-tempered. In addition, chronic sleeplessness is associated with depression and anxiety.  Here’s how good rest can help rescue your relationships.

The Impact of the Pandemic

By necessity, the pandemic has led to fewer social interactions with people we care about.  Birthday celebrations have been in driveways, weddings have been postponed, and funerals have had to go virtual.  Even when we have been together, we’re often masked, not being able to show our full expression.

As a result, we’ve been spending more time with the people closest to us —and that has put a lot more pressure on those relationships.  When restrictions ease and we can once again socialize with a larger circle, some of the pressure on those relationships will lift.  But in the meantime, there are steps we can take to help make our relationships the best they can be, pandemic and all.

Sleep and State of Mind

People who experience sleep loss are more likely to react negatively when things don’t go well for them. To put it plainly, poor sleep is a good-mood killer.  Without adequate sleep, we feel less happy, friendly and compassionate.

A good night’s rest can restore your sense of well-being and help promote a more positive mood. Getting proper sleep also helps to bolster emotional resilience, giving you the ability to be more patient with your friends, co-workers and close family members.

Here’s how to boost your sleep hygiene and shift into a more positive state of mind:

No Better Time than Now

Spring is coming, and hopefully the warmer, brighter days will also bring more positive news about the pandemic.  We will begin adding people back into our lives. But before your circle widens and your attention is spread thinner, think about things you can do to nurture the relationships you have with the people closest to you.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and a terrific opportunity to cook a favourite meal for a loved one.  Or use special dates in March to inspire your joyous side:  March 3rd is Caregiver Appreciation Day and March 20th is the UN’s International Day of Happiness.  Choose activities that involve movement and interaction during the day so they won’t interfere with your sleep routine at night. Go for a long walk together, challenge each other to a game of scrabble, or reignite your friendships over some green beer and a bowl of Irish stew on St. Patrick’s Day.  However, probably the best time to show your affection to a loved one is when they least expect it— and after you’ve had a great, restorative sleep.

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