Make Mealtime a Breeze With HelloFresh!

How many times have you wandered into the kitchen with no idea what to make for dinner? And when that idea finally comes, you still have to make a last-minute trip to the grocery store and deal with the busy parking lots and long lines. At the end of the evening, you’re left with a meal that took way too long to make and still fell short of expectations; not to mention, the sink full of dishes and leftovers you don’t really care for. Sound familiar?

With HelloFresh, you can take the guesswork and stress out of meal planning with recipes delivered to your door that you’ll love to prepare and enjoy! Join Canadians across the country that have discovered an easier and tastier method to mealtime.

Get started on this new meal planning adventure by visiting or download the HelloFresh app for Android or iOS. Pick a meal plan and delivery date that works best for your household and schedule. Plans and delivery schedules are totally flexible. Going away for a vacation? Pause your deliveries and resume when you’re back. If you’re just going up to the cottage, you can change your delivery address and have your meals delivered directly to you. 

Every week you’ll choose from a menu of 35+ recipes that suit a variety of dietary preferences including Carb and Calorie Smart and Vegetarian meals. Tight on time and not keen on a whole lot of chopping and slicing? We got you covered with 20-Minute and Quick Prep meals. You’ll also get the chance to break out of your regular recipe routine and explore the flavours of the world in your own kitchen. The wide-ranging menu features dishes inspired by some of your favourite and soon-to-be favourite cuisines. 

Your weekly meal kit box will arrive at your door with easy-to-follow recipe cards and farm-fresh ingredients delivered at the peak of flavour and ripeness. These quality ingredients are portioned to the exact amounts you need for your recipes to ensure nothing goes to waste. 

Worrying less about what to make for dinner and having everything you need delivered to you helps you free up your schedule. Giving you more time to make the most of the day is a welcome treat we could all use and a perfect pairing for easy and delicious meals!