Love Your Ears. Listen Safe

It’s easy to disregard those little organs on either side of your head, but your ears play a vital role in keeping you safe, active, and connected to the ones you love; hearing loss changes that.

There is no cure for hearing loss caused by damage to your ears. There are treatment options that can help you hear better, but you can prevent noise-induced hearing loss altogether with the right, everyday practices.

This World Hearing Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) and HearingLife Canada, the largest network of hearing healthcare providers in Canada, are urging Canadians to care for their ears by practicing safe listening in all areas of their lives.

Let’s start with your personal listening devices.

To keep your hearing safe, avoid listening to sound in your earphones/headphones above 60% of the maximum volume. Many devices come with the built-in ability to set this limit by default, so you can always ensure that your listening levels are safe.

Avoid loud noises whenever possible.

Any sound over 85 decibels (dB) can be harmful to your hearing. For reference, 60 dB is the noise level of a normal conversation, and 88 dB is the sound of a lawnmower. The higher the decibels, the quicker hearing damage can occur upon exposure.

If you must be in a loud environment, invest in some quality noise protection.

Disposable ear plugs are an effortless way to protect your ears, but if loud environments are part of your everyday life, it is worth it for you to invest in custom noise protection solutions and/or noise cancelling headphones.

If you are exposed to harmful noise levels in your work environment, speak to your Human Resources department to see what noise protection options are available to you.

Finally, you don’t have to be “old” to take a hearing test.

Every adult should take a baseline hearing test to help them track changes to their hearing over time. Our hearing is as unique as our fingerprints; the solution should be too.

At HearingLife, a preferred partner of C.A.R.P., members and their families can take a free, no-obligation hearing test—no referral required. There are over 350 network clinics nationwide to choose from. Book your free hearing appointment today and learn how you can love your ears and listen safer.

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