Eyes On the Brand: Gucci

The history of Gucci is one of the greatest and most beautiful stories of Italian luxury. Just like Louis Vuitton, its origins stem from leather. Gucci is a symbol of Italian know-how—one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

Timeless and sophisticated, Gucci is one of the most fashionable brands of recent years. In this same spirit, the brand seduced the world of haute couture in the 1920s. Inspired directly by the equestrian world, the trend instilled at that time by the new Italian fashion house is highly appreciated.

From Jackie Kennedy to Princess Grace Kelly, the most influential personalities quickly adopted the brand. Building on this success, the designer decided to expand activities to other areas: ready-to-wear, luxury accessories, sunglasses and prescription glasses. Each collection is classy and original and generates a lot of buzz. After 90 years of surprising the fashion world, the label continues to seduce with its timeless style and impeccable taste.

A Brand with Values

Gucci has always embodied good taste from ready-to-wear lines to luxury watches, jewelry and eyewear. The brand’s highly refined creations are each designed to be unique. True to its original values, the brand nevertheless keeps a certain uniformity of style to all its products.

Gucci eyewear honours the brand’s reputation and incorporates the values that have helped create the empire of refinement and luxury that Gucci represents today.

The Read: The House of Gucci by Sara Gay Forden

Scandal comes in all designs. Greed, jealousy, tax evasion are just a few of the sins of the House of Gucci. A tale of three generations, the climb to the top, self-destruction and redemption of one of the world’s hottest fashion labels. Now a major motion picture from Ridley Scott.

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