Can Topical CBD Help People With Eczema or Psoriasis?

“I am not this hair. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within.”

One out of ten (1 of 10) adults suffer from eczema and 1 out of 30 adults have psoriasis. New options are now available.

CBD (cannabidiol) has many medical uses, but who would have guessed one of those is treating serious skin conditions?

Recent research reveals the role of cannabinoid receptors in the skin includes regulating skin cell growth, proliferation and maintaining skin health. Endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors are also known to mediate and inhibit inflammation in immune cells, nerve cells and skin cells. Specifically, CBD (cannabidiol) has shown to enhance the activity of antioxidants and decrease the production of inflammatory markers in the skin, as well as increase levels of endocannabinoids and other mediators involved in wound healing. CBD is starting to play an increasing role in managing psoriasis and eczema for people with these skin conditions. People are turning to CBD topical preparations as an alternative to or in conjunction with other topical remedies (such as topical hydrocortisone and other steroid preparations) to treat these conditions.

CBD is one of the main active cannabinoids from cannabis and unlike THC, (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does NOT cause a euphoric high, change motor function, or cause sedation.

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