Re-imagining Healthcare That Works for Patients and Caregivers

What if there was a better way to support caregivers and change the way we view and deliver healthcare in Canada?

While the act of caregiving is rewarding, for many people it’s not easy and not without challenges. Today more than one in five Canadians are unpaid caregivers to family members and friends, with a physical, cognitive or mental health condition.

Not only are caregivers a vital resource to those they care for, but they are a critical healthcare partner who are often charged with advocating, mediating and co-ordinating care with healthcare professionals in a complex healthcare system.

Over the past few weeks, Teva Canada has started the #PrescriptionForCare conversation.  It’s introduced initiatives to examine the future of healthcare in Canada; what it looks like and how it needs to evolve to best serve Canadians and caregivers.  As a leader in providing caregiving resources to Canadians online and through local pharmacies, this year Teva Canada has been committed to bringing important voices in healthcare together with a goal to develop ideas to support a new, collaborative model of care that supports people in all stages of life.


#PrescriptionForCare — Podcast Series

As part of its National Caregiver Day initiatives, Teva Canada is pleased to have partnered with People Before Patients, a movement that invites everyone to engage in healthcare reform. Tomorrow’s final podcast conversation with wellness visionary, Bhaskar Goswami, wraps up the series that have featured the experiences and ideas from leading thought leaders as they re-imagine healthcare delivery that supports patients and their caregivers.

“The pandemic meant that many Canadians experienced the limitations of our healthcare system. Many caregivers have had to fill in the gaps when caring for a family member or friend who is vulnerable. Through several new initiatives, we are creating a platform for the exchange of ideas, big and small, that empowers caregivers to collaborate with health professionals and stakeholders for a better system,” says People Before Patients CEO and podcast host, Mark Stolow.

In the fifth and final podcast of the series, we hear about Bhaskar’s life-threatening disease and near-death experience, as he relives his experience of the compassion that he received during his hospitalization, and the importance of including proactive self-care to complement our current medical system.

Each week, we’ve welcomed the insights of guests with a deep expertise in the healthcare system and highlighting what their personal prescription for the future of Canadian healthcare should encapsulate. Catch all five podcasts to hear:

  • Scott Swanson, a caregiver from British Columbia, as he discusses his experiences as the primary carer to both his mother and father. He has a unique perspective having looked after their medical needs across the U.S. border and dealing with two very different healthcare systems
  • Danielle Paes, the chief pharmacist officer at the Canadian Pharmacist’s Association, who shares her thoughts on the importance of collaboration between healthcare professionals and the individuals impacted by the health issue
  • Nurse and entrepreneur, Karine Degré, who talks about the opportunity to improve the patient experience by creating more access points to healthcare, moving from a bottleneck in healthcare to a more free-flowing health experience for all
  • Gerontologist, Nicole Didyk, who shares what she has learned about health and healthcare working with people in later life. She envisions a healthcare system of the future that will need to be more flexible, meet people where they are, and value what they value

#PrescriptionForCare Survey — Share your opinions and ideas on healthcare reform

Teva Canada is engaged and dedicated to providing a platform for Canadians’ individual and collective visions of what the future of healthcare should look like — from all perspectives. Through the #PrescriptionForCare online survey we’re looking for input based on your experiences.

We know healthcare is a matter of importance to all Canadians and we want to hear how it can be re-imagined benefitting your health and the health of your communities. While surveys are confidential, we’ll be sharing the results with key government stakeholders and leaders in the healthcare space.  It’s time to move forward and write a new #PrescriptionForCare!

#PrescriptionForCare Event — Register for a free, live virtual event

Rounding out Caregiver Month and the many unique perspectives on healthcare, Teva Canada and People Before Patients will present a collaborative virtual panel discussion featuring a keynote address by former TSN host and mental health advocate, Michael Landsberg. Along with a live exchange and wrap up of ideas from health experts featured in the month-long podcast series, there will also be an opportunity for questions and an exchange of ideas following the presentations.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. EDT. Hosted on Zoom, the event will be streamed live to Teva Canada’s Facebook page. Click to register on Eventbrite.