Prioritizing Hearing Health is Self-Care – Hearing Awareness Month

Hearing is central to our social life, self-expression, confidence, and, ultimately, our health. To hear is to connect with others and the world around you. It’s the foundation for developing meaningful bonds and relationships with our loved ones.

Spring’s here, the most lovable of the four seasons. We can step out of our homes and add more to life—take part in conversations, keep an active lifestyle, and start creating memories for tomorrow. There couldn’t have been a better way to start the hearing awareness month of May by reconnecting with our family and friends.

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Loving your ears means living life to the fullest. Our hearing health is so connected with our lives that if you decide to ignore a hearing loss you may have, you might end up closing the door on experiences that make life worth living. This May, empower your loved ones to choose the life they want to live by helping them hear better.

Are you ready to start adopting healthy habits to protect and take measures for your hearing health? We want you to be a part of the campaign!

Be an inspiration to others around you

Talk about your hearing loss journey, or about someone you know who might have been through it; you could be an inspiration to them. We don’t have to go anywhere else to search for inspiration; you might be an example for others, and your story can help someone with embarrassment or hesitation, come forward and take measures to improve their hearing health.

Recognize the signs of hearing loss

The signs of hearing loss may develop slowly over time and may be difficult to notice. Take proactive steps to understand your hearing health by asking these questions:

  • Are you having trouble following conversations when there are four or more people present?
  • Have phone conversations become unclear?
  • Have you been asking people to repeat themselves often?
  • Are you having difficulty locating where the sounds are coming from?
  • Have you ever received advice from your loved ones to get your hearing tested?
  • Did you experience ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears?
  • Do your friends and family say that you turn the television up too loud?

It’s time that you pay attention to the early symptoms of hearing loss and receive the help you need.

Hearing loss treatment options

If you suspect hearing loss, take the first step to better hearing health with a free hearing test appointment—no referral required*. A hearing test shows the status of your hearing health and helps you gain valuable insight into how sound affects you from day to day. The most common treatment for hearing loss is wearing hearing aids.

When you visit a local HearingLife clinic for an in-depth hearing evaluation, a hearing health professional will identify your level of hearing ability and recommend the best treatment option for your hearing needs.

Benefits of better hearing

Better hearing means adding more to life. With healthy hearing, you can have better communication, improved social engagement, quality of life, performance at work and increased levels of confidence.

CARP members and their families can begin their journey to better hearing health by booking a free hearing test—no referral required* at HearingLife and its 350 participating network clinics.

This hearing awareness month, let’s start with you being an example for others. Reap the benefits of better hearing by visiting and find reasons to love your ears even more.

Take an online test by finding a quiet place at your home or visit any of the HearingLife clinics to learn more about your hearing health today.