Enjoy Responsible and Impactful Travel With Collette

As countries continue re-opening and testing requirements loosen, more and more travellers are hitting the road and seeing the world again. And for many, that travel has been more purposeful: trips that focus on wellness, both for themselves and the places they visit.

Well-being is now a top travel priority

A heightened focus on travelling for personal well-being and growth is now a permanent priority for travellers. Previous Expedia Group research found that 34% of responding travellers say they travel alone for self-discovery. The Traveler Value Index: 2022 Outlook found 24% of travellers say they plan to unplug and spend less time on phones and tablets in order to be more present during their trips.

To help achieve this, people are increasing their travel budgets: 54% of travellers who responded to the Expedia Group study plan to spend more on trips than they did pre-pandemic.

With over 160 tours to all seven continents and five distinct travel styles, including small group touring and river cruises, Collette supports travellers in finding the right journey of relaxation, adventure, and contentment that best suits their needs.

Wellness protocols around Covid-19 are also to-of-mind for travellers around the world. Per the Expedia Group report, 98% of travellers said the impacts of Covid-19 are a part of their considerations when planning trips.

The well-being of travellers has been of the utmost importance to Collette since their doors opened in 1918 and it remained a top priority in the face of the pandemic. The Collette Travelling Well Experience, coupled with an industry-leading cancel for any reason waiver, allows travellers to book with confidence because they’re working with a tour operator they can trust.

Sustainability and responsibility are key booking factors

Travellers everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their travels, and many will keep this top of mind as they book their next trip. The Expedia Group study found that 59% of travellers would be willing to pay more if it meant their trip was more sustainable, and 49% would pick a less crowded destination to lessen the impacts of overtourism on a destination.

Travelling responsibly is a key value for Collette. From designing new products to evaluating its existing product line, Collette always makes sure its tours respect a destination’s culture and community, as well as the environment.

Collette’s Impact Moments are a staple in which small group Explorations tours give back to the places they visit. Whether it be through a partnership with a social enterprise, nonprofit group, or a cultural or environmental conservation group, Collette small group travellers enjoy extraordinary experiences that evoke a sense of purpose and connection to the destination. From getting a local perspective by a tour guide who had been affected by homelessness thanks to a social enterprise in Scotland, to attending an interactive cooking class at a women’s training center in Morocco, these excursions provide economic and social benefits for the communities that travellers visit.

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