Caretrak Medical Alert – Save an Extra $50 Plus 10% Lifetime CARP Discount

The Caretrak Medical Alert system provides seniors with an instant connection to help anywhere, anytime.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of living at home independently and most want to live at home as long as possible as they age. Unfortunately, as we get older, health ailments might limit our mobility and freedom and cause concern for safety. What happens in the case of an unexpected accident or fall when no immediate help is available?

In 2022, falls remain a leading cause of injury among older Canadians, causing over 85% of seniors’ injury-related hospitalizations. The inability for many seniors to get immediate help following a severe fall can have lasting effects on one’s health, including chronic pain, reduced mobility, and an overall reduction in living independence. Ensuring that help is available quickly is one of the best ways to minimize the lasting effects from a major fall.

The Caretrak solution will ensure that you or your loved one is able to maintain independence and have peace of mind.  The solution provides a one-click connection to help anywhere, anytime – beyond home boundaries across Canada (and when travelling in the USA)! Whether you are out for a walk or at home, Caretrak protects you anywhere you go. One push of the HELP button will connect a clear two-way call and instantly track your current location.

Unique to Caretrak, you can choose from Family OR Emergency Response plans.

Family Response is perfect for family caregivers looking after loved ones while balancing with other life responsibilities. The pendant connects to your chosen care contact and can be used for less urgent concerns such as a minor injury or being lost – situations where emergency 911 assistance isn’t immediately required. The Caregiver Mobile app is an optional no cost feature that provides real-time location tracking and sends text/email alerts to all care contacts.

The Emergency Response option connects to a 24/7 Canadian-based emergency response centre. In an emergency, responders will be contacted, and family members notified. You can switch from one plan to another at any time.

Even better, there is USA roaming and travel services available if needed – your services will seamlessly work in the USA.

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  • Emergency Response with fall detection plan is now only $48.60/month (regularly $64)!

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There is no installation or landline required – the unit is shipped to your door ready-to-use.

Low risk 15-day trial period – try it today and see the benefits!

Now you can feel safe enjoying your daily activities, whether at home or outside, without worrying about boundaries. The Caretrak solution has you covered no matter where you go, both in Canada and in the USA

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