Three Simple Steps to Lighten Up Your Menu for Spring

With the onset of spring comes a feeling of renewal; a time to refresh our closets, clean our homes and tend to the garden. It’s also the perfect time to refresh our fridge and our approach to cooking, incorporating lighter foods and more seasonal ingredients.  

When it comes to cooking with cheese, selecting milder flavours with lighter, sweeter notes is a great way to freshen up your favourites without adding too much richness or weight. Grana Padano cheese is a staple in cuisine and is the world’s most consumed Protected Designation of Origin (PDO, the European Union’s seal of authenticity) cheese. It’s made in the Po River Valley (Pianura Padana) in Northern Italy from partially-skimmed cow’s milk and is aged from 9 to over 20 months. It’s naturally Lactose free, with a rich source of quality proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, especially calcium. 

Its subtle flavour makes it the perfect cheese for snacking or as part of a cheese board. It’s also fantastic for grating over pasta, soups and for cooking in general. Looking for some spring inspiration? Here are some simple ways to lighten up your menu:

1) Shop seasonal

The easiest way to lighten up your menu for spring is to incorporate seasonal ingredients. While winter is all about comfort food and heavier root vegetables, spring is an opportunity to experiment with lighter options to elevate your dish and keep things fresh. A simple salad can be reimagined by adding a light shaving of cheese on top for an added zest of flavour and creaminess.

Try this: Shaved Zucchini and Asparagus Salad with Grana Padano (recipe at

2) Keep the oven off

Spring is a great time to integrate more cold cooking into your repertoire.  Bulking up basics, like a traditional salad or charcuterie board, can transform them from side dishes to main entrees while keeping the palate light and the house cool. Incorporating milder cheeses, like the softer flavour of Grana Padano, can also help to keep the platter feeling fresh.

Try this: The Ultimate Antipasto Platter with Grana Padano Cheese (recipe at


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