HomeEquity Bank Enters Metaverse

On July 12, 2022, HomeEquity Bank, provider of the CHIP Reverse Mortgage, announced the creation of a virtual Homes for Heroes village in the Decentraland Metaverse, an evolving and immersive 3D network of worlds that lets users explore and socialize with their computer and via augmented and virtual reality. The virtual village, modelled on Homes For Heroes’ future build in Kingston, Ontario, is designed to raise awareness of veteran homelessness in Canada, and to collect donations for the building of real-world veteran housing communities.

“HomeEquity Bank’s mission is to improve the lives of Canadians 55+, and we want to empower all Canadians to live in comfort,” said Steven Ranson, President and CEO of HomeEquity Bank. “Canadian veterans have given so much, and they deserve to live with dignity in a house they can call their own. Homes for Heroes is a perfect partner for us in helping tackle veteran homelessness, and we are proud to help raise awareness of this important issue and make real world change through fundraising and donation matching efforts.”

The ongoing issue of veteran homelessness is one that many Canadians feel strongly about, with 9 in 10 Canadians (92%)1 agreeing that no veteran should face homelessness, according to a recent Ipsos survey. HomeEquity Bank believes that every Canadian, including veterans, should be able to live with dignity in a home they love. And Canadians certainly agree, with 95% of adults 45+2 saying that being able to age in-place would allow them to maintain their independence, comfort, and dignity.

Support for veterans deserves attention throughout the year, and not only on Remembrance Day. By building a replica Homes for Heroes village in the Metaverse, HomeEquity Bank aims to help Canadians young and old immerse themselves in a Homes for Heroes community and donate to help make the virtual community real world homes for veterans. HomeEquity Bank will match Canadians’ donations for the duration of the campaign, which runs from July 12, 2022 to August 12, 2022.

Explore the Homes for Heroes Metaverse village and donate at MakeThisVillageReal.com.

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