Discover Germany off the Beaten Track

Discover protected landscapes, historic towns and cities and picturesque winegrowing regions.

Wonderful walking in protected landscapes

With around 300,000 kilometres of marked trails and lots of walker-friendly accommodation, Germany is a paradise for anyone who loves to get around on foot. But you don’t need to be an experienced hiker to tackle many of these trails. The lowlands and the hills, in particular, boast wide, well-signposted paths that you can explore at your own pace while enjoying the natural surroundings and amazing views. Rustic inns and charming beer gardens along the way provide an opportunity for a break and a taste of the regional food and drink. Most of the castles and palaces that dot the countryside can also be easily explored on foot.

Where steeper climbs loom, you can often avoid them by hopping on a bus or train to enjoy the scenery without over-exerting yourself. A growing number of regions have also gone to great lengths to make walking trails more wheelchair-friendly.

So why not escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Germany’s great outdoors.

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Buzzing student life in a historical setting

If you want to explore authentic Germany away from the major cities, you will find exactly what you are looking for in the 17 Historic Highlights of Germany. All 17 of these towns and cities look back on a long history. They have witnessed and been the scene of many historical events, and have preserved their heritage magnificently. As you wander along their narrow cobbled streets, you will find regional architecture ranging from timber-framed houses and brick Gothic buildings to mighty cathedrals and grand stately homes. Many of the towns and cities are home to long-established universities, providing an easy mix of old-world charm, modern food and drink, and a young and relaxed crowd.

Discover urban landscapes that nestle perfectly into the surrounding countryside, enjoy delicious beer and wine in the places where they were produced, and experience living history at your own pace.

“Historic Highlights of Germany”: tradition meets urban lifestyle – Germany Travel

Wines to please all your senses

If you immediately think of France at the mention of good wine, then you’re definitely missing out. Indeed, Germany has no fewer have 13 excellent winegrowing regions, and they have so much to offer. Their picturesque landscapes full of charming old winegrowing villages and small vineyards, some of which are still worked by hand, will delight both your eyes and your taste buds.

At certain times of the year, the growers open seasonal wine rooms, known as straussenwirtschaft or besenwirtschaft, in which they serve their products directly to customers. Depending on the region, they hang a bouquet of flowers (the strauss) or a broom (the besen) on their door to indicate that they are serving wine. Customers can look forward to great wines served in secluded gardens, rustic barns or even in the cellars where the wines are stored. Customers often sit side-by-side at long tables, where the wine is served with simple home-made dishes.

A pleasingly authentic way to enjoy wine.

Wine-growing regions: be on firm ground with fine wines. – Germany Travel


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