Feel Good in Germany

Discover laid-back towns and cities, historic spas and health resorts and amazing open-air Museums.

Relaxation for body and mind

If you want to truly unwind and recharge your batteries, Germany is the place for you. More than 350 spas and health resorts harness the power of nature and a wealth of experience to give guests the pampering of a lifetime. Even if you’re in the best of health, you will surely appreciate the benefits of natural remedies administered in grand surroundings.

Visitors can look forward to high-quality wellness treatments in historical spa facilities, to strolling around artfully landscaped parks, and to walking or cycling through charming countryside. The towns are also attractive in themselves, with their local restaurants and cafés often catering for the spa clientele by offering health-conscious versions of regional dishes.

In 2021, three of Germany’s prettiest spa resorts were named UNESCO World Heritage sites in recognition of their extraordinary architecture.

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A thousand years in a day

Germany’s open-air museums bring ancient history to life. Here, you can journey 40,000 years into the past in just a single day.

Visitors can explore the Stone Age, for example, or discover what life was like during the times of the Celts, the Germanic tribes, the Romans and the Vikings, and all the way to the early modern period. Living conditions in days gone by can be experienced at first hand in buildings reconstructed according to archaeological findings, and there is plenty to learn about people’s relationship with nature. Guided tours provide information about the history, while interactive exhibits invite you to try your hand at long-forgotten crafts and immerse yourself in the old ways of life, which can offer a new perspective on our modern culture.

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