Zooming Back Generations

Readers test Ancestry® and discover their origins

We asked Zoomers to review the Ancestry® family history subscription and DNA testing service and share their experiences researching their heritage, learning about their ancestors and finding new family connections.

An Ancestry® membership gives you access to the world’s largest online collection of family history records.

Testers had a searchable database of 30+ billion digital documents and images at their fingertips, including census records, wills, ships’ logs, voters’ rolls, death and birth notices, military documents, newspaper accounts, photographs and gravestones. Beyond the extensive genealogical records, there are 100 million family trees and user-generated content to help you solve the puzzle and share and preserve your family history.

“I have been able to find information that I can piece together…. Once I was able to confirm one family member, it was fairly easy to learn more.”
~Pearlann, Edmonton, AB

The Ancestry® website helps you build your family tree, going beyond names and dates with unique features that give a more complete picture of a person, such as a detailed timeline and context about historical events that shaped them. You can learn what your last name means, where your ancestors were born, what they looked like, how they earned a living, their achievements, and whom you might be related to through history.

“Given my parents lived during the war, I felt it would be near impossible to research. However, [I was] amazed at the extent my father’s history was revealed.”
~Ami, Calgary, AB

Ami knew little about her parents’ backgrounds, particularly her father, who died when she was an infant. But Ancestry® uncovered her father’s origins to the 17th century and that there were several variations of her paternal family name.

“Adding the hints was helpful to increase the family tree.”
~Pearlann, Edmonton, AB

The leaf symbols are hints that Ancestry® has found potential record matches about an ancestor to add to your tree. It’s a loop of discoveries—the more you grow your tree, the more hints you get.

“I am happy to discover my paternity and DNA percentage in reference to areas in India. I was hoping my information would prove this lineage.”
~Rajkumaree, Oakville, ON

AncestryDNA® testing utilizes the latest autosomal technology and the largest consumer DNA database to map your genetic ethnicity and geographic origins. You can even learn how your genes can influence your personal traits. Plus, DNA testing identifi es potential relatives by matching others who’ve taken the AncestryDNA® test—family you might never have known without it.

Testers recommend Ancestry®

“It is a helpful source to confirm details that you might not have known about a relative.”
~Pearlann, Edmonton, AB

“Thank you for allowing me this subscription in order to better understand from whom and where I come.”
~Ami, Calgary, AB

Learn about your own history & sign up for a family history subscription at ancestry.ca.

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