Take a trip that gives back. Mālama Hawai‘i

If you’re looking for a more rewarding vacation, then take a trip that gives back to Hawaiʻi. From crystal blue waters to stunning green cliffs and black sand beaches, Hawaiʻi has a wealth of natural beauty. But there’s a secret to the Hawaiian Islands for travellers who don’t just want to see and do all that makes this place special, but feel and be a part of it: mālama.

The Hawaiian word mālama can mean to take care of, to cherish, to preserve and protect, and even to save. 

It’s used to define the kuleana (responsibility) to the land, its natural resources and each other. The Hawaiian archipelago is one of the most isolated land masses on the planet, separated by thousands of kilometres of ocean. This geographic isolation combined with its small population of only 1.4 million people emphasizes the importance of keeping its natural resources alive and thriving to ensure they remain healthy and prosper for future generations. 

Regenerative tourism helps to minimize tourism’s negative environmental and social impacts and share the benefits as broadly as possible. Hawaiʻi’s fragile ecosystems, distinctive wildlife, unique ways of life and vibrant communities need the support and commitment of visitors if they are to halt and reverse unsustainable practices and preserve the native culture that has flourished for millennia. 

When you mālama Hawaiʻi, you give back to the land, ocean, wildlife, plants and people of this tropical paradise.

Volunteer on your trip and experience Hawaiʻi on a deeper level, connecting with the local culture and leaving the Islands in better shape than you found them. You’ll enjoy an enriched visit by immersing yourself in authentic experiences and helping to regenerate the natural beauty, environment and culture of Hawaiʻi. Not only does it feel good to contribute, you’ll be leaving a lasting impact.

It’s easy to volunteer on your Hawaiʻi holiday.

You don’t need to set aside substantial chunks of your vacation to get involved. Many mālama activities can be joined for just a few hours in the morning or afternoon. A number of projects can be worked on inside and without strenuous labour. And, through the Mālama Hawaiʻi Program, you could qualify for a discount or free night from a participating hotel.

There are many ways to mālama, including:

You can search the complete list of available mālama activities and participating partners at gohawaii.com/mālama

Experience the breathtaking Hawaiian Islands.

Home to the world’s most active volcanoes, the only royal palace in the U.S. and the welcoming aloha spirit, Hawaiʻi is like no place on Earth. Discover the glimmering ocean, emerald valleys and golden sands. Get lost in the spiritual beauty of the hula, and find out how the warmth of Hawaiʻi’s people wonderfully complement the islands’ perfect temperatures. 

Hawaiʻi is an adventurer’s playground. Try paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, golfing, parasailing or ziplining. Explore the natural wonders, heritage sites, museums and aquariums. Relish the unique culture and incredible nightlife, art and music. There are seemingly endless heavenly experiences.

And the food! With a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, upland cattle farms and Pacific waters teeming with sashimi-grade fish, Hawaiian cuisine is a colourful tapestry of tastes and traditions.

There are six major islands in the Hawaiian chain: Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Maui and the Island of Hawaiʻi.

Oʻahu is home to the capital Honolulu and is famous for Waikīkī Beach and Pearl Harbor. The majority of Hawaiʻi’s population lives here, a fusion of East and West rooted in the traditions of the Native Hawaiian people. When you want a vibrant, contemporary island experience, visit the lively “Heart of Hawaiʻi.” 

Kauaʻi, the oldest and northernmost island, is draped in emerald valleys, sharp mountain spires and jagged cliffs aged by time and the elements. Some parts of Kauaʻi are only accessible by sea or air, revealing views beyond your imagination. When you want to restore and rejuvenate, unwind on this peaceful “Garden Island.”

The Island of Hawaiʻi is the largest island and has a range of climate zones, from wet tropical to polar tundra, a result of the shielding effect and elevations of the massive volcanoes. Hawai‘i Island invites exploration and adventure, with black sand beaches, snow-capped heights, lush botanical gardens and waterfalls. 

Maui, “the Valley Isle,” is the second largest Hawaiian island, beloved for its world-famous beaches, the sacred ʻĪao Valley, views of migrating humpback whales in winter, farm-to-table cuisine and the magnificent sunrise and sunset from the volcano’s peak. When you want the best of both worlds, Maui is where larger-than-life experiences meet small-town charm. 

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