Peace of Mind at the Press of a Button

How personal alert systems save lives

Personal alert systems have quickly become an essential tool for seniors and for good reason. Not only do they provide seniors with a sense of security, but they can also allow seniors to live in their own homes for longer. At the press of a button, a care specialist can provide lifesaving assistance when needed. Caregivers and family members can rest easy knowing their loved ones are safe.

Personal alert systems save lives

Sometimes it is comforting to know help is there should we need it.

Personal alert systems or personal emergency response systems (PERS) are devices with an easy-to-use button that can be pressed for help in case of an emergency. The devices can take various forms, depending on the preference of the user, such as a pendant, clip, or watch.  Some personal alert systems even include fall detection, GPS tracking, and geo-fencing.

When the wearer of the device presses the button, a signal is sent, and a trained operator will assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate emergency services if necessary. These devices allow the wearers to live their lives as they always have – whether at home or on the go – knowing they can access help if things go wrong.

Red Dot Alerts can help

Red Dot Alerts has made it its mission to help people continue to live their lives independently, safely, and supported.

Once known as Bruyère Helpline, Red Dot Alerts has a long history of offering alert systems for seniors to call for assistance in their homes by pressing a button on a small wireless pendant or bracelet. Technology has since evolved to provide mobile solutions that detect falls, allow for GPS tracking, and allow seniors on the go to instantly reach emergency responders or a family member if needed – a notion that gives their loved ones some welcome piece of mind.

Complete freedom wherever you are

Red Dot Alerts has a device for every lifestyle:

On The Go

Worn on a belt or as a pendant, On The Go is an advanced personal alert device with 4G coverage, operating anywhere on Canada’s wireless network. With fall detection, GPS location, and access to bilingual care specialists 24/7, help is available at the press of a button.

Whether you’re on a walk alone or meeting with friends, On The Go is your companion to help you feel safe.

At Home

At Home is designed for those who stay close to home. Simply press the button once for immediate access to a care specialist who can assess your situation and send help from your personal contacts or emergency services.

For those who want advanced, discreet connectivity

RDA Pace

For advanced connectivity, the RDA Pace smartwatch is custom-built for those who have places to be. RDA Pace offers a full suite of cutting-edge features to keep you informed and connected: GPS tracking, heart rate monitor, step counter, 4G connectivity, 24-hour battery power, text-to-locate, and vibration feedback.

GPS SmartSole™

GPS SmartSole™ is a discreet solution for people who tend to wander beyond their community.

This customizable shoe insole is embedded with advanced GPS tracking which will send an email or text alert automatically when the wearer leaves a predetermined geographical zone. Just wear it and forget it!

Let’s talk!

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