Retirement Living That’s Unequivocally You

More Living is the centrepiece of senior living at Revera. Are you ready for more?

It’s no secret that we’re all living longer–well into our 90s. And these years are healthier and more active than ever. There’s never been a better time to embrace a more vital and customized way of retirement living.

As an operator of senior living experiences across Canada, the Revera team is focused on offering more in these glorious retirement years. By looking at retirement as a continuation of life–with more freedom of choice and more time to spend on favourite past times–Revera makes More Living the centrepiece of living at its residences.

Three life-enhancing pillars work in concert to support Revera’s More Living promise.

1. Keep on Dancing

These days, retirement is about staying as active as possible and engaging in more of the things you love to do. Studies show a sense of purpose, challenge and fulfilment are major contributors to greater well-being as we age.

If you’re a couple that dances, that means dancing more. Always loved art? Get out the painting easel. If you like being a part of a community, meet up with friends and get involved in something you can share.

Revera focuses on curating active living opportunities that bring out the best of someone’s unique interests and gifts. It’s all about choice. And participating as much or a little as desired. The great advantage of living in a community environment is the convenience of being able to keep on dancing to your own beat, with everything close to home.

2. Eat and Be Merry

 We are what we eat, according to the saying. As we age, eating a varied diet of fresh foods is essential. But it gets harder to accomplish steady meal planning, especially when you live alone. Dining is also very social, and often more fun when shared with friends and family.

The Revera approach is to see dining as an experience, and not just a meal. In most lifestyle residences, à la carte menus are planned by a Red Seal Certified Chef who ensures everything is prepared with care and creativity. And also caters to specific preferences for people with special dietary needs.

No one wants to be regimented when it comes to dining, so there’s also lots of freedom in how you eat. Just as you’ve had your whole life. Whether it’s a sit-down dinner, self service from the Bistro, snacks on the patio, or having the family over for a private occasion–choice is always on the menu.

3. Enjoy Better Health and Better Living

The most important task when we age is staying healthy. It’s no secret that maintaining strong muscles and bones and being engaged enhances our quality of life. The best part of it all? A personalized care plan can open an endless array of possibilities, enabling us to incorporate activities that you enjoy to help you thrive.

Finding the health and wellness services that will help you look and feel your best isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Revera offers a range of care options that supports who you are and what you imagine for your well being, with as little care or as much support as you need.

However you see yourself now–and whoever you’ve spent your wonderful life becoming–what you choose in retirement should reflect exactly the person you are.

That’s More Living. Are you ready for more with Revera?

$2000 Move-In Bonus

Your CARP membership entitles you to a $2,000 Move-In Bonus when signing a new lease with Revera Retirement Living until December 31, 2023.  Please see our terms and conditions for more information.