How to Save Money on Car-Related Costs

Owning a car comes with its fair share of expenses, and in Canada, the average annual cost of maintaining a vehicle is about $1,400. But fear not, here are six practical ways to save on car-related costs while keeping your car in top shape:

1)  Embrace do-it-yourself maintenance.
Many believe that handling minor maintenance is difficult, but that’s not always the case. Start by consulting your owner’s manual or seeking help from the automotive department of a local store. Specific step-by-step tutorials for your car model might also be found on YouTube or other online sources. Begin with easy tasks like changing wiper blades, oil, air filters or refilling windshield washer fluid. This approach can lead to substantial savings on labour costs.

2) Watch for deals on car-related items and services.
Be on the lookout for special offers and discounts on car-related items and services. Take advantage of sales to purchase essentials such as windshield washer fluid, especially during winter and summer months. Additionally, watch for auto centre promotions on oil changes, tire rotations, brake services and general car maintenance. Embracing these opportunities will enable you to save money while keeping your vehicle in optimal condition.

3) Fix potential problems while still under warranty.
Pay close attention to any signs of trouble with your car. Whether it’s unusual sounds or delays in braking response, it’s essential to address these issues straightaway, especially if your vehicle is still under warranty. Putting off repairs could result in more costly fixes later on. Schedule a visit to a licensed mechanic to diagnose and resolve any problems before they worsen, preventing hefty repair bills.

4) Don’t waste gas.
Paying attention to your fuel consumption can make a difference in your expenses. Declutter your trunk of unnecessary equipment and gear (e.g. golf clubs) and take off bike racks when they’re not in use to lighten your car’s load. Keep your tires properly inflated for improved performance and fuel efficiency. Avoid excessive idling and practice efficient driving techniques, such as adhering to speed limits and driving smoothly. These minor adjustments can lead to substantial savings on gas costs.

5) Don’t ignore dashboard warning lights.
It’s easy to dismiss the blinking warning lights on your car’s dashboard, but doing so may have costly consequences. These warning signals are there to alert you to potential issues that need urgent attention. Stay proactive with regular maintenance and promptly respond to dashboard warnings to address problems early and avoid unnecessary expenses.

6) See where you can save on your car insurance.
Reach out to your car insurance provider to explore potential savings opportunities. Many insurance companies, like CAA, may offer discounts for safe drivers, anti-theft device usage and bundled insurance policies. In Alberta, eco-conscious drivers are rewarded with a Green discount through AMA Insurance1 for having a hybrid or electric vehicle. Also depending on your province, you may have access to unique programs for low-mileage drivers, like CAA MyPace®, a pay-as-you-drive auto insurance payment program (available in Ontario and Atlantic Canada) or AMA MyRide, where eligible drivers can save up to 10% just by signing up. Take advantage of such offerings and ensure that your insurance coverage aligns with your needs and lifestyle.

These cost-saving strategies allow you to reduce car-related expenses without compromising your vehicle’s performance and safety. Remember, even small actions count in managing your costs. Put these tips into practice today and witness the steady growth of your savings over time.

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