Libations: Try This for National Tequila Day

Photo courtesy Victor Restaurant

Happy National Tequila Day! This Wednesday, June 24, is a day to celebrate all things tequila, the spirit made in Mexico from the blue agave plant.

We asked the experts at Victor Restaurant at the Hotel Le Germain on Mercer Street in Toronto for something refreshing and a little bit healthy, too (that’s the watermelon talking!) Competitive bartender Albert Chan, of Victor provided us with the secret recipe to his creation, the Watery Grave — fresh limes and cucumber, house-made watermelon coriander cordial mixed with ruby port, salt for the rim and, of course, tequila! All of which you can experience at Victor. Fair warning: the cocktail has a kick, so please, drink responsibly.

Watery Grave


1.5 oz Altos tequila

1/2 oz Kopke ruby port

1 oz watermelon coriander cordial (try this at home: watermelon juice, infused with coriander)

1.25 oz lime

thin slice of cucumber for garnish

Salt for rim


Shake all ingredients together; serve straight up in a coupe with a salt rim


Salud! to Tequila