Recipe: Green Curry Fritters From Calgary’s Top Chef Darren MacLean

curry fritters

Photo courtesy of Darren MacLean

Calgary’s top chef Darren MacLean, of Nupo, his Japanese-inspired plant-forward restaurant, is one of Canada’s culinary superstars, and he’s kindly sharing his recipe for healthy (and immune-boosting) Green Curry Fritters.

“My mother has been my inspiration my whole life, so I want to pay homage to her with the name and spirit of wellness at Nupo.” When he asked his mother about her favourite foods, she replied, “I like sushi and salads.”

They had been discussing health and vitality and the ingredients to living life that way and his mother’s urging him to really pay attention to the power of plants. Yes, there is a little deep frying to be done, but everybody needs a bit of comfort right now.

Green Curry Paste

80g Coconut milk

140g Shallot

80g Cilantro

60g Lemon grass

40g Galangal

40g Lime juice

32g Green chilis

30g Fish sauce

30g Garlic


26g Sugar

26g Shrimp paste

4g Coriander seed

4g Cumin seed

2g Kafir lime leaf



  1. Blanch cilantro and lime leaf
  2. Toast coriander and cumin seeds
  3. Chop all the ingredients finely
  4. Blend everything until smooth
  5. Pass through strainer

Fritter Batter 

180g Korean flour

120 g Milk

100g Green curry paste

200g Chickpea

65g Egg

4g Baking powder

2g Kosher salt



  1. Mix everything but chickpeas together
  2. Add chickpeas last

Green Curry Fritters


  1. Heat a deep fryer at 375 F
  2. Using two spoons, drop fritter batter in large clumps into the fryer 4-5 at a time
  3. Fry for 4-5 minutes or until when skewered it comes out clean
  4. Let rest quickly on paper towel to help absorb excess oil 



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