Joke of the day for October 1

This IT technician works as a contractor at a Defense Department facility, where the data-security requirements are stringent.

“We occasionally have to destroy BlackBerries that are too old to be reused,” he says. “But there isn’t a very good wiping process for these things — at least as far as the DoD is concerned with their precious secrets.”

So standard operating procedure is to disassemble each decommissioned BlackBerry and break the important components individually.

That’s what the tech expects to do when a user drops off an old device for disposal. But when he tries to crack the case, he finds that the tiny screw heads are stripped.

Fortunately, a road crew is tearing up the pavement outside the office, and he has a good rapport with construction guys.

“Can I get you to crush this? Thanks!” Crunch!

Result: BlackBerry unit destroyed. Approved destruction method: Backhoe shovel head plus pavement. No extra charge for embedding gravel into the unit.

“I degaussed it too, just to be safe,” says the tech.

“Then I brought it to my boss and told him that his refurbished BlackBerry was just delivered.”

Source: Good Clean Fun

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