Trivia of the day for November 27

Nahanni National Park was established in 1972 by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He granted the park 4,766 square kilometers of land and in 2007 Prime Minister Stephen Harper added 5,400 square kilometers to the park. Nahanni National Park is secluded in the Northwest Territories, so secluded that it only gets 800 to 900 people visiting it yearly. It is protected by four deep canyons and Victoria Falls, which can boast it is twice as high as Niagara Falls. Due to its remoteness the land here in virtually unchanged or polluted by humans. The wildlife at Nahanni National Park are free to roam the wilderness without interference. There is also a bast limestone cave system, some with natural hot springs. Some speculate that the natural wonders of Nahanni National Park are because the area never had any glaciers disturb it.

Source: FunTrivia

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