Today’s Joke: August 9

A burglar found a prime neighborhood with nice houses and lots of older people who would be gone to Florida for the winter. He watches a particular house for several days before deciding that it would be safe to hit.

It was pitch black inside as he made his way through the kitchen, then the dining room and into the den where he expected to find the things he wanted to steal.

“I see you and Jesus sees you,” a voice said.

The burglar froze in his tracks.

“I see you and Jesus sees you,” the voice said again.

When nothing more happened, the burglar took out his flashlight and shinned it in the direction of the voice. All he saw was a parrot on its perch.

“I see you and Jesus sees you.”

The burglar laughed.

“Just a dumb bird,” he said.

The burglar closed the drapes before turning on a lamp and that’s when he saw a big and mean looking Rotweiller sitting beneath the parrot’s perch.

“Sic him, Jesus!” the parrot said.

Source: All Clean Jokes