Canadian Zoomer walks around the world

Jean Beliveau was 45 when he left Montreal on what would turn out to be the longest uninterrupted walk around the world: A journey of over 75,000 kilometers across 64 countries, lasting over a decade. At the time, his small business had just gone bankrupt, and unsure what to do next, he found himself plunged in a midlife crisis of sorts.

His remedy? To run away — literally around the world.

It was, at times, a ‘walk on the wild side’. He dined, occasionally, on bugs and snakes, In Africa, he bunked with escaped murderers, and then there was a close encounter with a puma in a South American desert, according to the Canadian Press.

Jean Beliveau — who recently returned home to a hero’s welcome from loved ones, MPs and supporters — said the journey led him to find a new mission in life: to lobby Canada and other governments to create “ministries of peace”.

He also plans to do some public-speaking engagements and to write a book.

Watch this clip of Jean Beliveau and his 11-year adventure:

Additional Source: Herald Sun