Now live life without glasses, even after 50

If you’ve worn glasses all your life but wish you didn’t, or are now wearing reading glasses and would rather not, IRIS offers vision correction to help you experience and enjoy life – without glasses. Laser Blended Vision from IRIS and Carl Zeiss is a breakthrough procedure specifically for people 40, 50 or 60.

Everyone over 40 suffers a reduced range of clear vision, most noticeably while reading. It’s called presbyopia and until recently that meant you had to wear multi-focal glasses. With Laser Blended Vision you can see up-close, far and in-between – without glasses.

Aging Eyes and Presbyopia
Presbyopia is a natural age related change affecting the focusing system of the eye. As people enter their mid to late 40s this system is less able to change the focus of the eye reducing the range of clear vision that a patient is able to experience. For some patients this means that they will begin to need reading glasses, for others, near vision is more comfortable with the removal of their current glasses and for others still, they may require glasses for distance, intermediate and near visual tasks for the first time in their lives.

How Does Laser Blended Vision Work?
Laser Blended Vision gives people with presbyopia the ability to enjoy distance, intermediate and near vision without glasses. One eye is corrected to provide vision for intermediate and distance tasks, while the other is corrected for intermediate and near visual tasks.

The key to the success of Laser Blended Vision, and why it’s unique, is that both eyes are corrected for intermediate distance, so they work in unison to deliver clear, natural vision at the distance where you greet family and friends, work on your computer, or watch television. It’s what we call the “blend zone” and why we call our procedure Laser Blended Vision.

How to find out if Laser Blended Vision is right for you
Arrange a 15 minute complimentary consultation with an IRIS Doctor of Optometry at an IRIS location near you. This is the starting point to find out if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Visit, or call the IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic at 1.888.881.4747

CARP Eyecare Benefits from IRIS
• $500 Laser Vision Correction Certificate
• $50 Sunglasses Certificate
• $50 Eyewear Certificate and
• $100 Cash Back on any frame with fully coated lenses!

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