Vesak and the eight precepts

Vesak is an uposatha day of observance for Theravada Buddhists in many Asian countries. It celebrates the birth of Buddha and his enlightenment. Buddhists in all parts of the world can mark this special day in a variety of ways, but the chief of them is following the Eight Precepts. This “Buddha Day”, fast and meditate on these principles of conscious conduct.

Honoring Life
Fast from taking a human or animal life

Fast from stealing and taking from others

Sexual Integrity
Embrace celibacy and refrain from sexual activity

Wrong Speech
Refrain from words that hurt others as well as lying, deception and manipulation

Fast from alcohol and drugs

Eat in the morning after sunrise and before noon

Modest Reverence
Fast from music of all kinds as well as adorning yourself with accessories

Refrain from sleeping too much or sleeping in lavish places

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