New tariff means you’ll have to pay for your wedding song

Although SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) already collects royalties for songwriters whose songs are used at events, a nonprofit called Re:Sound will now be collecting money for the record labels and performers who contributed to the music used at conventions, ice shows, fairs, karaoke bars and weddings.

In a statement regarding the new tariff, Re:Sound’s director of licensing noted, “Recorded music is a vital part of the business model for many live events and, indeed, it is impossible to imagine a fashion show, festival, parade or karaoke bar without music.”

The fees incurred will depend on the size and type of event – with weddings, receptions conventions, assemblies and fashion shows paying $9.25 a day for a crowd of less than 100 people, and $39.33 for a crowd of more than 500 – these fees double if the event includes dancing.

Depending on how many days per week they are open, karaoke bars will pay between $86.06 and $124 annually.

Parades will be charged a minimum of $32.55 a day  or $4.39 for each float that uses recorded music.

How these fees are paid depends on the organizers of public events or owners of the venue that will be responsible for paying the fees. Each business will be able to determine if they want to pass that cost onto the crowd at the event or the couple getting married.

How will anyone know you are using a recorded song at your event? Well, the process works on an honour system, meaning it is up to the business to tell Re:Sound how much music they are using. The organization will have a team of licensing professionals across the country making sure these new rules are being followed.

Since wedding season is officially upon us, we’ve pulled together ten incredibly popular wedding songs that you will now have to pay to dance to on your special day:

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

Neil Young – Harvest Moon

Wilco – You And I


Etta James – At Last

Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight


Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

Shania Twain – From This Moment On

Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me

Sources: Calgary Harold 


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