Cruise West Africa for Less

Get to know Africa’s undiscovered coast on this once in a lifetime journey with G Adventures.

Ah, Africa — majestic land of crashing surf, cool coastal breezes, flavourful wines and- wait, what? If this doesn’t sound like the Africa you’re familiar with, you’re not alone. The continent’s northwestern coast is unlike the place you see in nature documentaries, and it’s rich with its own special brand of magic — literally.

As rewarding as land-based travel in Africa can be, it’s not for everyone. The unending cycle of packing and unpacking, the long days on the road and the occasionally oppressive heat can be a drawback for some travellers. Enter the West Africa Cruise by G Adventures: a trip that remedies these discomforts by treating travellers to a wide variety of experiences over 12, 18 or 27 days aboard the self-contained luxury of the MS Expedition.

G Adventures believes that the world is a classroom, and that the most unforgettable travel moments come from engaging all the senses; from doing as much asseeing. West Africa Cruise is comprised of three strong itineraries that capture elements of this unique region through engaging activities and workshops. Sommelier-led wine-tastings, plein air painting lessons on the observation deck, nature excursions in search of rare birds, visits to the ancestral home of voodoo and the roots of the slave trade, an on-board African film festival and other experiences will provide travellers with an integrated sense of the place, its people and what it all means.

West Africa’s natural beauty, diverse culture and abundant wildlife temper its dark history as the centre of the Atlantic slave trade. First-timers visiting Namibia’s tenné-tinted sands will do a double-take when they stumble across Swakopmund, an idyllic slice of Bavaria in the desert. Ghana’s Kakum National Park, located just inland off the Gulf of Guinea, is a haven for rare and exotic beasties like civet cats, pygmy elephants, endangered meerkats and at least 500 varieties of butterfly. In the Bijagós Archipelago, a recognized UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Expedition‘s team of on-board naturalists and guides will help introduce the curious to the region’s chimpanzees and marine turtles.

And as for birdlife, amateur ornithologists can prepare for field days by the handful; on the 27-day run of the cruise, birders can spot Black-footed penguins — commonly known as “jackass” penguins for their peculiar donkey-like squawks — at South Africa’s Boulder Beach, and a spectacular array — 140 and counting — of exotic avifauna on the tiny island of São Tomé and Príncipe.

West Africa’s charms are a well-kept secret, but they won’t stay that way for long — especially after word of the G Adventures Early Booking Bonus gets out. Reserve your place on the ship by June 30, 2012, and you’ll save up to a staggering 25% off the full price. Birder or no, it definitely pays to be an early bird.

Africa’s undiscovered coast is waiting for you. Come find it. You’ll never forget it.

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