Lost in Laos

(NC)—This refreshing drink was created by Matthew Biancaniello, mixologist at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Library Bar, for the Almond Board of California. Blend almond milk, fresh lime juice, kaffir lime leaves, agave syrup, green chartreuse and gin, for a smooth cocktail that’s sure to quench your thirst.

Lost in Laos

Makes one serving


3-4 kaffir lime leaves
3/4 oz (21 g) of fresh lime juice
3/4 oz (21 g) agave syrup
1/2 oz (14 g) of green chartreuse
2 oz (55 g) gin
2 oz (55 g) unsweetened almond milk


In a cocktail shaker, muddle together kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and agave, approximately 2 minutes. Add liquors, almond milk and ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a collins glass with ice, Garnish with kaffir lime leaves on the side.

Nutritional Analysis: per serving

Calories: 243, Fibre: 2 g, Fat: 1 g, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Sat Fat: 0.1 g, Sodium: 89 mg, Mono Fat: 0.7 g, Calcium: 2.9 mg, Poly Fat: 0.3 g, Magnesium: 1.9 mg, Protein: 0.6 g, Potassium: 62 mg, Carb: 13.6 g, Vitamin E: 0.04 mg*

* total alpha-tocopherol equivalents

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