Master Intuitive Coach Institute is looking for coaches

Are you a coach at heart?
Have you ever noticed that people are constantly coming to you for advice? Do you already feel like a coach? My name is Colette Baron-Reid and I have been an Intuitive Counselor for many years. I have done readings, toured as a speaker, and taught workshops for thousands and thousands of people and in the process have helped many realize the life they desire. Over the course of this time I have come to realize just how much I LOVE teaching people, bringing out skills that they have yet to define for themselves. I just love watching the “AH HA” moments that show up when somebody really gets it! Teaching & coaching are a passion of mine, and something that I am now bringing to all of you.

Because of this, I started a coaching Institute called the Master Intuitive Coach ® Institute. The outcome of the Institute is to help students realize their coaching abilities, enhance the coaching abilities of those already trained as coaches, and in the process change thousands and thousands of lives using my trademarked IN-VIZION ® PROCESS.

The next module underway at Master Intuitive Coach Institute is Weight Release Energetix®. This is an interesting module for us in that we will be training coaches to work with clients that will be looking for guidance and help around their weight issues and their difficulty with being oversensitive and empathically overloaded. My new book “Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much” will be coming out in March of 2013 on Random House Inc. worldwide and I need coaches trained and ready!

The principle is simple; we plan on having a large force of certified coaches ready to work directly with clients when the book is released. My dream is to have qualified coaches available to all who want someone to work with.

All certified coaches will have their name, e-mail and website address listed directly on our website so clients may find them. And the best part of all of this, we do not take a portion of the money you make coaching.
Okay so now I know you’re asking yourself “WHY are you NOT taking a portion?” The reason is simple; we are here to help people. We want you to succeed and have a thriving coaching business. The combination of the two led me to say that there will be no revenue sharing. Just great coaching.

The only requirement we have is that you attend the Weight Release Energetix® module, get your certification and stay in good standing with us. In order to keep your certification you must attend one live event per year with me to make sure you continue to use the IN-VIZION PROCESS® as intended.

I am of the belief that we can change this world one person at a time, one landscape at a time, one belief system at a time. My coaches have access to me, the real me!

We are unique and we are looking for unique individuals with gifts that can help others.

If you see yourself wanting to become a coach or wanting to expand your coaching practice, we want to see if you’re a good fit for us. We need people with compassion and who are interested in becoming part of a community of coaches like no other.
If this speaks to you, Connect with Kim Johnson at [email protected] or go to to find out more.
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