8 positive things you can do in 30 seconds

People tell me, “I don’t have the time to …

“… go to the store and pick up fruits and vegetables.

“… exercise.”

“… sit and breathe.”

“… to be positive.”

Really? Too busy to be positive? Surely, you can clear a scant 30 seconds to do something positive for yourself, can’t you? If thinking about what to do takes up too much of those 30 seconds, here follow eight suggestions!

70 per cent of waste is eliminated via your lungs! You can place your hand on your belly and feel it rise and fall with each breath cycle. Thirty seconds of breathing can do wonders!

Repeat one powerful affirmation over and over again for 30 seconds. If it’s a short affirmation, “I am whole and complete,” you may be surprised to find how many times you can repeat “I am whole and complete” in just 30 seconds.

Stand and reach for the stars!

Smiling relaxes hundreds of muscles and releases pockets of stress and tension held in your face.

Stay hydrated
Your brain is approximately 75 per cent water, and it’s the first place in the body to lose water. Your brain needs water to think clearly. Drink a glass of water.

Close your eyes
Give yourself a real break and allow your body a 30 second opportunity to re-balance itself. Close your eye, cup the palm of your hands over your ears and listen to the blissful sounds of the ocean playing. Just like when you were a kid and held that shell to your ear!

Dance it out
Plug your iPod into your ears and shake it up for 30 seconds. The ultimate energy boost!

Do nothing
Just sit and stare; perhaps out the window or at the ceiling. Just be sure to do nothing! Surely, we all have a few 30-second pockets of time during the day where we can take the time to just be. Start NOW!

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