Five reasons to fall in love with autumn

When you feel that first crisp breeze, you know that summer is gone and fall is in the air. Every season has its upside; however, autumn has a particular beauty to it. Lovers of the season revel in its unique ability to turn the world into one big canvas with nature’s paintbrush.

From warm apple cider to camping trips, there are so many reasons to enjoy fall. Here are five things about the season that will bring out the autumn lover in you.

Fall Foliage
One of my favorite fall activities is taking a drive up a tree-lined street or going on a nature hike. To see the canopy of red, gold, and orange leaves is so enchanting.

Fall Clothes
Fall fashion is the best. Woolen scarves, puffy vests, long sleeve t’s, boots… There are so many options to layer up and stay warm during the autumn months. Plus, fall clothes look good on everyone.

All Things Pumpkin
As soon as September rolls around, your taste buds will salivate for all things pumpkin. From lattes to ales, pies to waffles, everything gets a delicious pumpkin makeover. You don’t want to miss these seasonal delights.

How can you not love a little ballerina princess or miniature Batman showing up on your doorstep asking for candy? Dressing up the kids in their cutest costumes and going trick-or-treating is a season favorite.

October kicks off holiday time — when you find yourself gathered around the table more often with friends and family. In particular, Thanksgiving is special because you not only get to spend time with loved ones, but you also get to reflect on everything you have and show your gratitude for it all.

Jennifer E. Jones is the Inspiration Editor who — after being a lifelong girl of summer — is finally coming around to love the cool days of fall.

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