Eight Treasure Vegetable Delight

1/2 cup dried beancurd stick (125 mL)
1 tbsp vegetable or canola oil (15 mL)
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 small piece ginger minced
1/4 cup carrots, sliced (50 mL)
1/2 cup lotus root, peeled and sliced (125 mL)
1-1/2 cups Shanghai bok choy, sliced in half (375 mL)
1/2 cup California walnut halves, toasted (125 mL)
1/2 cup fresh shitake mushrooms, sliced (125 mL)
1/2 cup king mushrooms, sliced (125 mL)
1/2 cup fresh water chestnuts, peeled and sliced (125 mL)
1/4 cup fresh gingko nuts (50 mL)
2 tbsp oyster sauce (30 mL)
1 tbsp Shao Hsing cooking wine or dry sherry (15 mL)
1 tbsp tamarind paste (15 mL)
1 tbsp water (15 mL)
Dash of sesame oil

Toasting Walnuts: In large, dry skillet over medium-high heat, cook walnuts until lightly toasted, about 1 to 2 minutes.

In a large bowl, soak the dried beancurd stick in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes or until softened. Drain and cut into 1-1/2 inch (3.5 cm) pieces.

Heat a large, heavy-bottomed pan or wok on high heat. Add the oil, garlic and ginger; stir and add the carrots and lotus root. Stir for 30 seconds, reduce heat to medium-high and add the remaining ingredients. Stir constantly until all ingredients are cooked, about 5 minutes.

Makes 4 servings.

Tip: Serve with rice or noodles. For a spicy alternative, add chili sauce to the cooking sauce or fresh chilies to the oil at the beginning.

PER SERVING (1-1/2 cups without rice): about 257 cal, 7 g pro, 15 g fat (1.5 g sat. fat), 22 g carb, 6 g fibre, 327 mg sodium. %RDI: 7% calcium, 12% iron, 4% vit A, 56% vit C.

Recipe courtesy of the California Walnut Commission. For more recipe ideas and information about the health benefits of walnuts, visit www.walnutinfo.com.

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