Deborah’s Story

“The FreeStyle InsuLinxâ„¢ has given me the boost of confidence I needed to help gain better control of my diabetes.”

For the past 16 years Deborah has required insulin therapy. For much of this time she has had difficulty keeping her blood sugars within target range – until a routine visit to her pharmacist changed the way she manages her insulin therapy.

“I was about to replace a broken meter when my pharmacist suggested the FreeStyle InsuLinx system. I do all my own carb and insulin calculations by hand but I find that the FreeStyle InsuLinx meter gives me insulin dosing advice that’s even more accurate than my manual calculations. Since starting the FreeStyle InsuLinx meter my A1C has gone from 10.3% to 8.9%* in just three short months.”

“I’m thrilled with the changes that the FreeStyle InsuLinx meter has made to my life in such a short time. It has given me that extra boost of confidence to help gain better control of my diabetes. I pay more attention to what and when I eat, how I manage stress and I’m getting more exercise.” Deborah, Vancouver, BC

The FreeStyle InsuLinx meter is specifically designed for people with diabetes who require insulin. It is the only blood glucose meter that calculates your insulin dose for each and every meal. The user- friendly touch screen makes operation quick and easy. In addition, the automated logbook, reminders and weekly messages, which identify patterns in blood glucose readings, are all designed to help you stay on top of your diabetes.

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The FreeStyle InsuLinx is a proud winner of the Plus X Award 2012 for innovation in product design.

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