10 great gifts for the grandkids

Whether you have kids or grandkids to shop for, the stress of finding them the perfect gift is a yearly ordeal. Many of the most coveted toys sell out fast, so it’s good to start your shopping as early as possible.

We’ve looked at the top trends for toys this year and narrowed it down to 10 great items. There is something here for each personality from the tech-loving kid and the board game fanatic to the girly girl. (Click on the item’s name to be taken to the website where it is available for purchase.)

Here are our favourites:

Master Moves Mickey

Master Moves Mickey – also known as M3 – is the perfect gift to get young kids moving as he dances to the beat. With 15 different moves, adults might learn a thing or two from Mickey as well!


Suspend is the award-winning game that builds off of the same principles as Jenga. Building upon a delicate wire, players add notched lengths of wire to build out the sculpture without collapsing it.

Mice and Mystics

This new game has been a big hit this year, blending friendly game-play, cooperation skills and charming mice with a rich, captivating storyline. Perfect for the tweens in your life.

Nerf Elite Hail-Fire Blaster

The Nerf brand has been around for decades as one of the most reliable gifts on the market. The perfect toy for active kids, the Hail-Fire is the most powerful dart blaster available, holding up to 144 Elite darts.


LeapPad 2

A more kid-friendly alternative to the iPad, the LeapPad is perfect for toddlers and grows with them until their tween years. It features a 5 inch touchscreen, 4 GB of memory, front and back cameras, and has access to a 300 app and game library.


You may remember this classic toy from the 1990s, but it is back and better than ever. The electronic pet makes its comeback with new LCD eyes, more realistic features, and an accompanying app for the iPhone.

Monster High Dolls

The popular series Monster High is a big favourite among kids, and these dolls are set to sell out yet again this season, as they did last year.

The Wii U

This is being called the electronic toy of the season, and is likely to be on the must have list of every teen. The latest generation of the always popular Wii game, this version allows kids to watch television, movies and play games on the TV or on the hand-held console. It also gives kids the chance to interact with television shows, playing games and learning information as they watch.

Chuggington Railway Wilson’s Wild Ride

This playset allows little ones to build a spiral railroad track over two feet tall. Pulling a lever activates lights and sounds of a rumbling storm as Wilson the train comes roaring down the track.

Silverlit Porsche 911

Tech kids will love this. The Sliverlit Porsche 911 can be controlled through an iPad touch, iPhone or iPad, and it goes in all directions, can be sped up or slowed down, and its lights work just like a real car.

Sources: Grandparents.com, Yahoo

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