5 films to see this holiday season

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and with it, some of the best movies of the year. Executives typically save the best for last as this keeps the films fresh in everyone’s mind come award season. This means now is the perfect time to hit your local cinema and check out the greats they’ve held onto until now.

Here are five films we recommend putting on your must see list this winter:

Silver Linings Playbook

This film has already created significant buzz, winning the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) has lost his house, his job and his wife, and ends up living back home with his mother (Jacki Weaver) and father (Robert De Niro) after spending eight months in a state institution. While he is determined to rebuild his life, he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), and things get complicated.

Anna Karenina

This, the third collaboration between Keira Knightley and director Joe Wright, is the epic love story adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel by Tom Stoppard, who won an Oscar for his adaptation of Shakespeare in Love. The story follows its original late-19th-century Russia high-society setting while exploring the capacity for love, passion, adultery, and the bond between a mother and her children.

Promised Land

Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon famously came together for Good Will Hunting, and they do it again here with Promised Land. In it, Damon plays Steve Butler, a corporate salesman who is sent along with his partner, Sue Thomason (Frances McDormand), to close a key rural town in his company’s expansion plans. With the town suffering from the recent economic decline, the two outsiders pray on the locals’ economic insecurity with their company’s offer for drilling rights to their properties. Objection from a respected local teacher (Hal Holbrook) and a grassroots campaign led by another man (John Krasinski), prove to make their job harder than they expected.


With this, the directorial debut from Dustin Hoffman, comes a dramedy about retired opera singers, temperamental divas, old grudges, passion, pride and romance. Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly and Pauline Collins make for a memorable cast.

Zero Dark Thirty

Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow returns with this story about the manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man. The film looks at the decade of searching, and the elite team of intelligence and military operatives working in secret across the globe, who devoted themselves to finding and eliminating Osama bin Laden.

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