Today’s Joke: Feb. 25

Photo © Heather Craig

Graham rings the local newspaper and asks to speak to the person in charge of the obituary column. He is passed to the advertiser and he asks, ‘How much does it cost to place an obituary in the paper?’

‘£1.20 per word, sir, ‘replies the newspaperman respectfully.’

‘Ok’, says Graham, ‘are you ready?’ Old man joke

‘Yes’, came the answer.

‘The obit. reads – ‘Jones dead’.’

‘No more?’ asks the newsman in a very surprised voice.

‘No, that’s it, ‘came the reply.

‘I have to tell you, ‘announced the advertiser, ‘but there is a 5 word minimum.’

‘Why didn’t you tell me before?’ complained Graham, ‘in that case it will read:

‘Jones dead. Volkswagen for sale’

Source: Will and Guy’s Jokes