Travel Your Own Road

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When it comes to choosing your own road consider Private Journeys, travel tailored and designed to suit your style, your pace, your budget.

The internet has made so much information available to all of us, providing us incredible booking engines like Expedia which allow us to source and package hotels, flights and cruises as easily as ordering groceries online. We live in an era where the power of social media provides a platform to voice choruses of opinions from around the world. We can spend endless hours researching, sourcing and sleuthing where we want to go, stay, see, spend.

It is because of this ability to ‘do it yourself’, that we at Worldwide Quest have been so successful with our Private Journey tours. We save you hours of “destination due diligence” by designing the perfect itinerary for you in the destination of your choice.

We start with determining your budget: time and money. Are you looking for a 14 day to Vietnam, 19 days to Galapagos or an even longer getaway? How much do you want to spend? We also will discuss your accommodation preferences. Do you prefer boutique properties, lodges or large luxury resorts? Is it important for you to be in the heart of things or out on a secluded beach? Is this a romantic getaway, a family retreat or a small group of friends setting out to conquer the world?

Next we work through your interests. Are you looking for an active journey with event filled days and nights or one that embraces lingering moments? Is there a theme you have in mind such as galleries, temples, wildlife, food, spas? We will fashion an itinerary tailored to your wish list that will be filled with vivid experiences and memories. Our goal is to create what we like to call Signature Moments; moments of glorious surprise that you can savour again and again.

One of our guides will meet you on arrival and then ensure you spend your time enjoying yourself throughout your journey. How comforting and pleasurable is it to know you are being looked after while you immerse yourself in rich new experiences such as an expedition cruise down the Rio Negro?

We have been to all our destinations many times. We have years of experience knowing the best places to go and when to be there. A sampling of our Private Journey collection includes Namibia Air Safaris, exploring the temples and stupas of Mynamar, wandering through the wonder of Machu Picchu or standing among giant turtles in Galapogos.

To talk to us about your Private Journey dreams please call (416) 633-5666 or toll-free (800) 387-1483. Email us at [email protected] or visit