Stop Paying High Investment Management Fees

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Like most people, you have worked to save your money and invested wisely to make a respectable profit. Each month you check your statement and each month your investments don’t seem to be reaping the rewards you expected.

What if you could increase your return on investment and pay less in management fees while you do it? Wouldn’t that be better?

The money managers at J. Zechner Associates Inc. agree. This skilled team of disciplined and experienced active managers have a unique passion for what they do while offering personalized service. You will immediately notice that they care about your investment. Their goal is quite simply to provide you with the best possible long-term investment performance based on your objectives and risk tolerances.

To show this different strategy, they offer several pooled fund options that will allow you to structure a tailored investment portfolio suited to your needs. A pooled fund is a unit trust that operates like a mutual fund, but is sold through an offering memorandum as opposed to prospectus under securities law. A pooled fund is a qualified investment for an RRSP, RRIF, and other registered products.

Two of their high performing pooled funds are the Zechner Pooled Balanced Fund and the Zechner Special Equity Fund.

The Zechner Pooled Balanced Fund is designed to provide long-term returns that exceed the return on fixed-term investments by actively managing a portfolio that includes stocks, bonds and cash in varying proportions. With a 10 year return of 9.95%, this fund has a management expense ratio (MER) of 1.6%. This fund has a solid long term track record that has withstood the test of time and is suited for investors who can tolerate a moderate degree of risk.

If you are the type of investor who can tolerate some degree of risk, the Zechner Special Equity Fund includes small to mid-sized companies powering Canada’s economy. These companies are growing quickly and sustainably and that is reflected in the 10 year return of 20.12%. This fund has a MER of 2.1%.

If you are a conservative investor seeking income and long term capital appreciation, the Zechner High Income Fund invests in a combination of good quality income-growth oriented stocks and creditworthy bonds. The Fund targets a minimum yield of 4% and is structured to be more robust in periods of market volatility. The MER of this fund is 1.5%.

A complimentary and highly specialized fund, the Zechner Global Hedged Growth Fund is designed to generate consistent, positive returns with a medium to high degree of investment risk. The fund management team focuses on global indicators to make an assessment of macro-economic trends and then positions investments in Canadian and global stock, fixed income and commodity markets that are most impacted by those trends.

Zechner Pooled Funds offer professional money management, an established track record and, at the same time, have lower management fees than mutual funds in general so you keep more of your accumulated wealth. For example, a $150,000 investment growing over a ten year period at a compounded annual return of 8.5% net of fees versus 8.0% would mean about $15,000 more in future wealth. Higher returns and lower investment management fees can amount to significant wealth gains with the passage of time!

Isn’t it time you had this highly experienced, highly ranked portfolio management team working for you?

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