Step Smartly

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Proper technique and posture are essential to reduce the risk of injury. Here are six steps to start stepping smartly from Lauren Jawno, author and certified personal trainer:

1. Stand tall; avoid leaning forward. Imagine there’s a string attached to the top of your head, gently pulling you up and lengthening your spine.

2. Keep your gaze focused about 15 to 20 feet directly ahead, not down at your feet which takes your spine out of alignment and puts extra stress on your neck.

3. Relax your shoulders, rolling them back and down, not scrunched up by your ears. Every 10 minutes check to make sure they’re down and relaxed.

4. Bend your arms and naturally swing them forward and back. Avoid a side-to-side motion.

5. Tighten your stomach muscles, pulling your belly button toward your spine.

6. With each step, land on your heels and push off with your toes, keeping your knees slightly bent. “You shouldn’t be walking like the Tin Man with rigid knees,” cautions Jawno.


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