Live Long and Prosper: Leonard Nimoy Bests Zachary Quinto

It’s nothing new, the movie business partnering with any other business for promotion synergy. This time Audi has 82-year-old Leonard Nimoy – our Spock – taking on Zachary Quinto, the 35-year-old wipper-snipper who’s taken over the role that Nimoy mastered nearly 50 years ago.

The “Challenge” premise is a race to the golf course between the friendly rivals with Quinto piloting Audi’s S7 with some pretty space-age like features – but that’s not what’s getting all the buzz – it’s Nimoy and Trekkies’ unending fascination for the “originals.” As the franchise endeavors to continue going where no man has gone before with Star Trek Into Darkness hitting theatres May 17, the “old” cast remain enamoring. Online debates are dedicated to other original cast cameos that would have made the ad even better.  And of course in the end wisdom wins out with a crafty Nimoy using the Vulcan nerve pinch to incapacitate and best the rookie – to the fans’ delight.