Good Nutrition Fuels an Active Lifestyle

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Whether you do it for yourself, your spouse, your children or grandchildren, we all have our reasons for staying healthy and vital. Great tasting BOOST® Meal Replacement is a complete nutritional drink with protein to help build strong muscles and calcium to help maintain strong bones. All of which allows you to focus on the activities and people you love most. Visit the nutrition aisle of your favourite retailer today and make the commitment to: Stay Strong, Stay Active with BOOST®.™

•  26 vitamins and minerals

•  10 grams of protein in each 237 mL serving

•  An excellent source of calcium and vitamin D

•  Available in 4 delicious flavours—chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mocha


MORE REASONS TO BE ACTIVE. To help you get going we’ve created the BOOST® BE ACTIVE™ Program. Visit today to join and we’ll send you our FREE Be Active Welcome Kit. It’s filled with useful tips to get you started, plus savings on your next BOOST® purchase!