If You Are Sleeping Like A Baby … No need to Read Further!


However, if you are one of three Canadians that suffer from mild to severe sleep problems and can’t fall asleep or stay asleep – then this information will prove to be extremely important … perhaps even life changing, so please read on.

You’ve been told that getting a good night’s sleep is as critical to maintaining good health, as eating a balanced diet and exercising. And for those of you wrestling with sleep problems of any kind – you know that lack of sleep leaves you feeling just plain lousy often cranky and unable to focus or concentrate.

It is important not only to fall asleep quickly and easily, but also to maintain sleep long enough (7-8 hours) so that you can reach that all important stage of sleep known as REM. During the night we cycle through 5 stages of sleep with each cycle lasting about 90 minutes. We need to sleep long enough to go through these cycles 4-6 times a night because, with each cycle the REM portion gets longer and, it is during that portion of sleep, that we achieve our deepest and most restful sleep …when our body is able to heal and repair itself in order for us to maintain a strong immune system and allowing us to remain focused and alert.

As we age we often lose that natural ability to fall asleep and stay asleep and those who have tried sleeping pills – even occasionally – know they are at best a one night reprieve, as they don’t address the underlying problem – which is that your internal sleep clock is totally out of whack and needs to be reset.

The most effective non-drug way to correct sleep problems is to use The Sleep Genie, a device that utilizes cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) to gently reset your internal sleep clock back to normal. This pleasant delivery of micro current stimulation is accomplished via two rubber tipped ear clips that attach to your ear lobes.

Use The Sleep Genie for as little as half an hour daily before going to bed, while watching TV or reading a book, in as little as 2-8 weeks normal sleep patterns will be restored. Besides falling asleep faster, you will also notice more vivid dreaming, which indicates that you have reached REM sleep.

The Sleep Genie is a totally portable device and comes complete in its own travel case, allowing you to take it with you on business or pleasure trips and to assist you in getting over jet lag.

Many psychologists and naturopathic doctors across Canada use The Sleep Genie in their practice because its state of the art CES technology has a fifty year track record of safety and efficacy. The FDA in the USA licensed CES for use in medical devices more than 25 years ago for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and depression. Simply explained – CES works with your body’s own electrical component to reset your internal sleep clock so it functions as it was meant to. This means the person’s physical symptoms – like poor sleep – are quickly resolved making their office talk sessions much more productive. For further information please visit our website at www.thesleepgenie.com.

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