WOW! Owning Thoroughbred Race Horses….Fun, Exciting & Affordable!

Have you ever dreamt of owning a majestic, Thoroughbred Race Horse. So many people love horses and the excitement of racing but have never had an affordable way to get involved. Now you have the perfect opportunity to join us in a fun and friendly way.

The most popular way in the world to get involved in racing is to join a partnership or syndicate. These group ownership options allow you to enjoy all the excitement of MWR-n-11-Colt-01-small_250x188owning thoroughbred race horses at a fraction of the cost of going it alone. You have all the access and privileges of being an owner without any significant financial risk.

Our partners experience all the upsides of owning Thoroughbreds. The emphasis is on enjoying your horses. You are encouraged to visit the horses at the racetrack and at the farm. You will enjoy countless hours of enjoyment spending time with these beautiful creatures. In addition, you will be there for the exhilarating moments when your horse is competing in a race. The feeling of being there, watching your horse in action, is unlike any other experience in life. It can be a very thrilling and exciting few minutes that you will look forward to, hopefully several times per season.

Racing Thoroughbreds at Woodbine Racetrack in Ontario provides owners access to one of the most lucrative racing jurisdictions in the world. The purses and incentives available provide a very realistic opportunity for a positive ROI. While owning Race Horses is a volatile and risky financial undertaking, the prize money available at Woodbine is significant. Naturally we hope all of our athletes are successful on the track.

Equally important to us is the health and well being of our horses before, during and after their racing careers. We pride ourselves on the care our animals receive and our commitment to their post racing careers. Not all Thoroughbreds will make it as successful race horses but they can be successful in other disciplines after racing.

Our current program offers a 5% equity share for an investment of $5,000 in a partnership that will own two thoroughbred horses. The horses are both two year old fillies that were bred by us in Ontario and they are both Ontario Sired, making them eligible for numerous bonuses and incentives. The total financial commitment for 2013 for your share is $5,000. We guarantee that you will not be obligated to any further expenses in 2013 ( except for unexpected emergency medical expenses which would be capped at $500 should the need arise). You will have the option of continuing in future years or opting out of the partnership without additional cost.

The best way to explore the opportunity is to arrange a tour of the farm, in Schomberg Ontario, 35 minutes North of Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. To arrange a tour or for more information, call 416 806-0527 or EM [email protected]