Functional Summer Fitness

Older adults need functional fitness training because it helps maintain the everyday skills needed to keep their independence,” says Chris Moffett, a midlife fitness specialist and owner of a functional based training program for middle aged and older adults.

This type of training promotes balance, muscle strength, aerobic capacity, and flexibility —all functions for real-world activities like maintaining your home, lifting your grandkids, reducing risks of falls, and walking.

“A functional fitness plan,” explains Moffett, “has balance training to improve posture which helps avoid falls; strength training through resistance exercise to keep muscles strong and reduce bone loss; aerobic exercise for energy to accomplish daily activities; and flexibility training through stretching exercises to keep muscles relaxed and joints mobile and moving with less pain.”

Summer is the perfect time for seniors to indulge in outdoor activities done alone, with someone, or as a family. “My happiest clients love being around various ages and they say it keeps them young,” adds Moffett. “As long as you know your own body’s limits and don’t try to keep up with someone 20 or 30 years younger, it just gives you a chance to get outside of yourself a bit.”



Playground and Park Activities can be as important for older adults as kids. “You don’t have to do really extreme things. Hopscotch is really good for co-ordination and balance. Frisbee and kite flying are all-ages activities that involve hand-eye coordination, running/walking, and — most important— changing pace. “The ability to make abrupt stops, change pace and keep the body upright is important in reducing the risk of falling,” says Moffett.

Gardening and Yard Work “Digging and squatting in the garden engage the thigh and buttock muscles and get your heart rate elevated. Pulling weeds uses a lot of the mid-back muscles. These are the same muscles that help you get up from a chair and maintain independence around the house,” adds Moffett.

shoe_250x188Hiking on natural terrain challenges balance. Visit to find hiking trails in your neighbourhood.


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1Holm, et al. 2008. J Appl Physiol. 105:274-281.