The Isles of Greece: Journey’s End in Athens


The stadium from the 2004 OlympicsWe dock in Piraeus for our final day of the cruise. Other friends on board are going on up the Dalmatian coast to Venice on the Grand Tour, and we envy them. Our tour takes us through the magnificent city of Athens and we stop to admire the stadium from the 2004 Olympics. Our guide tells us that modern Athens is built on the ancient city and every time they dig, some fascinating artifact is unearthed. The subway stops have even become mini museums. Athens from the Acropolis

The highlight is the Acropolis, dominated by the Parthenon, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. Nearby and new to the site is the Acropolis Museum, a beautiful edifice with windows of sheer glass looking out on the Parthenon. We walk into the museum on glass floors and gaze down at excavations of the ancient walkways below.

Our disembarkation the last day is efficient and seamless, but we are sad to leave the kind staff and our friends. However, many of our Canadian friends join us on the flight back to Canada and we enjoy trading stories about the best parts of our adventure, the incredible learning experience and the voyages we’d like to take next.



DAY 1 – Istanbul
DAY 2 – Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, St. Sophie and Topkapi Palace
DAY 3 – The Grand Bazaar
DAY 4 – Birthday in  Lemnos
DAY 5 – Mamma Mia, Skiathos
DAY 6 – Izmir, the Birthplace of Homer
DAY 7 –  Pergamon
DAY 8 – Delos and Mykonos, Islands of the Cyclades
DAY 9 – Beautiful Santorini
DAY 10 – The Palace of Knossos, Crete
DAY 11 – 4 Castles in Nauplia
DAY 12 –  Journey’s End in Athens

Bonnie Baker-Cowan travelled on a Voyages to Antiquity cruise called The Isles of Greece hosted by Exclusive Tours. Read all about her adventures on board the Aegean Odyssey, a modern, slimmed-down cruise ship (only 350 passengers) making its way from Istanbul to Athens by way of Lemnos, Skiathos, Izmir, Delos, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Nauplia, and Piraeus.

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